How Quantum Computing Can Change the World

The more we are progressing, the faster we are advancing. Computers were one of the most important inventions of our history, as these machines led to a world where communication can be instant, no matter where you are. 

However, scientists believe that a greater invention than the modern-day commercial computers is coming, and this is none but quantum computing.

According to the engineers, quantum computing is a million times faster than even the supercomputers we have today. This amount of computing power holds the capability of changing the way the world is running now. 

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Quantum Computing Explained:

Quantum computing can be hard to grasp, so we tried to explain it in the simplest terms possible. 

Let’s look at traditional computing methods first. The computers come with transistors, and as we all know, the computers are shrinking to make them more portable, stronger, and more efficient. 

However, there’s a catch. If we keep on shrinking them, there will come a phase where the electrons will overlap each other, and they will pass through a gate whether it’s open or not. 

To solve this problem, the only way is to defy the traditional laws of physics. 

Quantum physics defies the laws of traditional physics. Quantum physics deals with extremely tiny particles. In this miniature scale, the problems created by the traditional laws are eliminated, which means that there will be no overlapping in this case, no matter how much the transistors are shrunk. 

Another amazing boundary that quantum computing overcomes is, traditional computing uses binary logic to compute. This means that no matter what problem you throw at these, they will solve them using only two numbers, 0 and 1. 

On the other hand, in quantum computing, the qubits (the quantum version of bits) can remain in any position between 0 to 1. This allows the qubits to hold tons of more data than the bits of traditional computing. 

Then again, while traditional computing faces problems sequentially, quantum computing has the capability of solving a problem as a whole. 

All of these make quantum computing a technology that the top companies are thriving to create.

How Quantum Computing Can Change the World

Now that you have a good concept about quantum computing let’s take a look at how this can change the world as we know it. 

1. Development of Medicine:

Developing a new medicine is tougher than it seems. While developing a new drug, the chemists need to mix different chemicals, and they observe the changes that are happening. They need to use the developed serum on a test subject to see how the drug is working. A slight mistake in this overall process can lead to the death of millions. 

Once modern-day computing was invented, chemists started resorting to these to get the results somewhat faster. Although the traditional computing system is good and quite fast, it still takes a lot of time, and it’s not particularly good at testing different molecules at once. 

As we’ve said before, traditional computers fix a problem sequentially. However, creating a drug is a process that needs to be attended to from various angles. 

This is where quantum computers come in. Quantum computers are especially good at handling different molecules simultaneously. They are faster, and they can hold more data than the traditional computing units. 

This is why it’s believed that quantum computing can change the way we look at the development of medication. 

2. Quantum Computing can Create True Artificial Intelligence:

Yes, artificial intelligence is quite developed at this moment, and there are many tasks that they can complete successfully. There are artificial bits of intelligence that can take part in creative processes like a painting. 

However, the artificial bits of intelligence created are still bound by the 0 and 1 of traditional computing techniques. This is why it’s thought that quantum computing will allow us to create artificial bits of intelligence that will be truly real, which means they won’t feel man-made at all but will act like a human being.

3. Trading will Become Obsolete:

If you think that computers helped us trade faster, you’re right, but only to some extent. Sure, computers help us by providing the information we need, and commercial computers take a lot of time if you want them to compile and assess the simplest of data structures. 

However, quantum computing will be in a league of its own. This type of computing will be able to scan through huge databases and assess them in seconds. Due to this, the company or organization that would own the quantum computers will always make the right move. 

Gradually, human trading will become obsolete. 

4. Will Provide Accurate Prediction:

While computers are good at prediction, they always leave a considerable margin of error. In fact, there are thousands of examples where even the best-trained computers went wrong and fed us inaccurate predictions. 

However, quantum computing will be able to provide us perfect predictions, as these computers can assess a huge load of data at once. This will help us to predict all kinds of disasters, and we will be able to avoid those with the help of the data retrieved from the quantum computers themselves. This will allow us to create a human society that can steer clear of all types of problems. 

5. Great Security:

Quantum computing will change the way we look at cybersecurity. Although there’s a growing fear among people that cybercriminals will use these advanced computers to disrupt our lives, we believe quite the opposite. 

Quantum computers will be able to create barriers that no hacker will be a breakthrough. This will allow governments to create a uniform society. As the computers will be able to identify any sort of breach of security, the governments will be able to take quick actions to prevent that from happening at all. 

6. Traffic Control:

With the growing population, traffic control will become a real problem in most countries, and it’s an issue many overpopulated countries suffer from. 

Quantum computers can deal with a huge amount of data at the same time, which means that they will be able to control the traffic of a certain region properly to minimize traffic jams. 

Why Can’t We See Quantum Computers Now?

Quantum computers will be able to change our lives, but why isn’t anyone making them? Well, a lot of companies like Google and IBM are trying to make their very own quantum computers. However, there are still some problems that they can’t solve. 

The quantum computers of today are too sensitive to external factors like heat, electromagnetic radiation, etc. If the qubits come in contact with these, they tend to lose their capability to work.

This is why it’s not possible to create fully-functional quantum computers yet. However, we can see some prototypes. 


We are just stepping away from creating quantum computers, and once they arrive, the world will no longer be the way we know it to be.

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