How to View Friends Wishlist on Steam?

Steam provides huge opportunity to the gamers all around the world. It is a platform for video gamers who can find the latest game releases, purchase them, and play them online. It is also a massive marketplace for the game developers too!

Apart from versatile gaming functionalities, this platform has an interesting tool that is called a Wishlist. Gamers can list down their preferred games they wish to buy or play later on.

There is also a view option where anybody from outside can review the Wishlist and see what the other person intends to purchase. 

If you have a friend who’s a videogame freak and has an account on Steam, you can easily discover his Wishlist. Looking for a present to gift that friend on next Christmas?

Well, now you won’t even need to go nuts what to buy for him. You might wonder, you don’t know how to view friends Wishlist on Steam. No worries! We’re here with a detailed guideline.

Follow the article below and be ready to give your friend his favorite gift! 

Steam Wishlist – What is it and how does it work?

Steam Wishlist is basically a list of games that you’re looking for or you have selected to purchase later. Whenever you sign up for Steam, they’ll provide you with a customization option. You can organize your profile just the way you like it.

You’ll also find an option called Wishlist. Here, Steam provides you the opportunity to categorize the games you love the most. Suppose, you’ve been thinking of purchasing some upcoming games lately and you’ve added them to your Wishlist.

The moment they release in the websites, Steam will notify you with an email. Wonderful! Isn’t it? 

Another great aspect of Steam Wishlist is that you can even get discounts on the games that you’ve added for purchase.

Simply, you just add them to your Wishlist and wait for Steam for notifying you via email. You can also enable the Wishlist view option to your friends so that they can have ideas on your preferable games and same goes to your friends as well. 

How to View Friends Wishlist on Steam? 

Before we jump to steps on how to view friends Wishlist on Steam, you have to ensure that your friend’s Wishlist is public. Without removing his privacy, you can’t view his Steam Wishlist at all.

So, if you find it open for everyone, follow the steps below to view your friend’s Wishlist:

  1. At first, download the Steam app on your computer for smoother experience. If you already have it launched in, then you’re already a step ahead!
  2. Sign in the app with necessary information.
  3. You’ll find a Friends and Chat option in the bottom-right of the app window. Click on it.
  4. A dropdown arrow will appear next to your friend’s username. Click on it as well.
  5. Press on View Profile.
  6. Click on the Games options. You’ll find it on the right side, near the center of their profile.
  7. Then you’ll find several tabs of your friend’s profile. Each tab is categorized including games the follow, purchased, games they own, etc. You’ll notice a tab labeled “Wishlist” too. Take your pointer and click on it.
  8. There you go! You can now view your friend’s Steam Wishlist. Keep browsing and see which games they prefer the most. 

How to Gift them a Game?

Now that you’ve learned how to view friend’s Wishlist, let’s help you how to gift a game to your friend! Go through the following guidelines if you want to gift your friend a game that would make him happy:

  1. We’ll proceed from your entrance in your friend’s Wishlist. Pick up a title that you think is good enough to gift and hit the “Add to Cart” button right beside it. 
  2. A Steam Shopping cart will pop in front of you. You’ll find option like “Purchase for a gift”. Select it immediately. If you want to purchase one for you too, you can click the “Purchase for myself” button simultaneously. 
  3. Now you need to select your friend’s username here. Click on “Continue” to proceed the operation.
  4. There’s an option to personalize your gift. You can add a sweet note within your friends and your initials. It’ll make your friend feel more special. After you’re done, click Continue. 
  5. Provide in your payment details. You can use various payment processor’s such as credit cards, PayPal etc., but bitcoins are not allowed in this case. 
  6. At the final stage, review everything you’ve provided to make the purchase. See if all the information is correct and you’re ready to go. Hit the Continue button and finally make a gift for your beloved friend. 
  7. Your friend will have a notification and it will be added to his Steam inventory. You’ll also receive a receipt of the purchase via email. To ensure that your friend got his gift, click on Games in the top-left of your screen. Change the settings to “Manage Gifts and Guest Passes”.   


As video game lovers, we’re really delightful to assist you in operating a friend’s Wishlist. Now, you can easily access to your friend’s Steam Wishlist without any hassle, you just need to log in right.

Also, make sure your friend’s Wishlist is public. Or else, you can’t view it. We’ll recommend following the guideline above step-by-step on how to view friend’s Wishlist on Steam.

If you want to go one step ahead and purchase your friend his/her favorite games, we’ve provided that guideline too! You can also buy one for yourself from your friend’s Wishlist.

So, don’t be late, grab the opportunity, and go for trying out new games from your friend’s Steam Wishlist!

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