Facebook is a site that has a countless stream of adverts. Businessmen take advantage of this social networking giant to lure prospective customers. Time would fail us if we were to talk about what goods and services are put on display. But have you noticed the revolution that has occurred in advertising? Digital marketers and influencers are being used as a bridge to link producers to consumers. One effective strategy is the use of cartoon animation. And, we’ll be discussing about how to make a cartoon video without taking a graphic design course.

Cartoons are often associated with children and for a good reason. The characters are amusing, colorful and the plot isn’t algebraic; children can easily understand. No wonder filmmakers like Disney will always be relevant in the entertainment world. But the same basic aspects can be applied when handling more serious matters. Is it possible to explain complex subjects using cartoons? Absolutely! No rule book says you can’t. From tutorials to class presentations, these visual images could pass the message more effectively than written material.

So if you are willing to explore this exciting creation, which should be the starting point? Well, before commencing any job, a workman ensures he has the necessary equipment. Otherwise how successful will he be? Similarly, knowing the best software for the project has a huge bearing on the final product. And which is your effective tool Toonly.

Why Toonly for making videos?

The name itself suggests what it involves; cartoon creation. It’s a great software to use in making explanatory videos. It’s not limited to commercial use; necessary tasks including business proposals could also be simplified. The best thing about these videos is that they easily capture and maintain people’s attention.

You can’t help but love the variety of templates, props and backgrounds. This is a good ground for fostering creativity. Not to be overlooked are the many characters present and the different activities they might do. Crying, shouting, singing, coughing and sleeping; name them all. Its for you to decide their behavior based on the storyline. Sound effects are also added to make it intriguing.


  • Different pre-made props

The software comes with already existing elements that help you to develop the cartoon. They are numerous hence change is possible if certain props prove irrelevant as you build up the story. The best part is that there are frequent additions that aim at improving production.

  • Variety of scenes

Since videos have different target audiences, it’s possible to come up with suitable content for every group. The customizability option gives you the autonomy to decide the general outlook of the video.

  • Ease of use

Are you a newbie wanting to gain skills? Toonly is a sure guide. Even with zero knowledge of coding, Its user friendly and easy to learn. The simple DIY drag and drop feature is among the reasons why many recommend it for cartoon creation.

For those needing further instructions, there are brief tutorials on how to get started.

  • Cost-effective

Toonly is affordable compared to similar software. It guarantees quality at reasonable rates.

You can select the standard or enterprise package. Price plans for Toonly are either monthly or annually. If using the standard plan for the monthly subscription, you pay $39. The enterprise plan has more features hence goes for $69 monthly. The latter spoils you with new stuff monthly and a membership right to Toonly Club. By subscribing to the annual package, you will get a whopping 49% Toonly Discount.

  • Refund

If you feel that it didn’t live up to expectations, you can request your money back. There is an absence of a trial period that’s why it’s possible to be refunded.

  • Videos are great for SEO

When you create websites with the intention of ranking them on search engines, videos, infographics and other types of user friendly features that supplement the actual text will make search engines view your site as user friendly and rank your pages faster. So that when you decide to hire a professional SEO company , such as Charleston SEO, their work will be much more effective with the good work you have already done by adding videos.

Creation of the Cartoon video

Since the tool is at hand how do you create videos on Toonly? Read on to find out.

  1. Scripting

This simply involves planning the theme of your video. What is the message to be communicated? Brief but catchy videos are often successful. But this can’t be achieved by simply dragging and dropping contents on the screen.

Which is the problem that needs to get solved? Is it the frustration of an old phone or the long queues? If clients can relate to the experience, then they are most likely to be attentive.

Next, demonstrate how your product will solve that. Repetition is the mother of retention so restate the products severally. Also, convince them that the item is just what they need. Finally, urge them to be quick in getting the product. For example, “Hurry while stocks last.”

  • Developing a storyboard

Organizing the script in the sequence to follow each other ensure flow in the final video. Decide which characters to start, where others join in and how the conclusion leaves the message delivered.

  • Incorporating voices

The animated models are brought to life using speech. Clear and concise words make the video understandable to the audience. Add flavor to the delivery by having varying pitch and tone. You can voice different characters.

  • Designing graphics

Decide your background by selecting available options or creating them yourself. Uploading preferred templates from other sources is also possible.

  • Actual creation

This is not hard since the groundwork is laid. All that is left is a combination of the visual illustrations with the voices. Refer to the storyboard and add a few touch-ups where required.

Easy pizzy! Your very own cartoon video.


Many words could be summed up in a few minutes thanks to cartoon videos. These visual illustrations are not only entertaining but also explain the points briefly in a simple manner. It is not mandatory to take up a graphics design course to know how to make a cartoon video. Any interested person can put effort and become a professional.

We recommend Toonly because of its simplicity coupled with quality. The abundance of themes, props, backgrounds and voice additions make video creation less daunting. Also, Toonly values its customers and that’s why you are legible for a 49% discount if you pay for annual subscriptions. With a creative spirit and patience to learn, you are good to go. Who knows? Maybe this might be where your potential lies.

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