How to Get Rid of Avast Secure Browser?

Let us guess. You installed Avast antivirus in your computer to free some bugs. After installation, you suddenly notice a couple of other software running on the background.

One of the major elements is Avast Secure Browser which seems to become a default browser in your computer now, but you don’t like it at all.

The browser isn’t uninstalling in the traditional way and now you’re surfing the web, searching titles like “How to Get Rid of Avast Secure Browser?”. Well, you’ve come to the right place! 

In recent days, people are complaining a lot about Avast Secure Browser. The very common allegation about this browser is that it installs automatically within the Avast Antivirus setup.

Most of the people don’t prefer this browser because it’s hard to navigate and also the aggressive installation built a negativity in people’s mind.

So, here’s a quick guideline on how to get rid of Avast Secure Browser. Keep on reading to get more detailed knowledge to save your data. 

What is Avast Secure Browser?

Avast Secure Browser

Before we dive into uninstalling the browser, at first, let’s get to know what exactly Avast Secure Browser does. Avast, a Czech multinational cybersecurity software company created a free Chromium-based web browser after discontinuing Avast SafeZone Browser in 2018. It can be supported by Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. 

The company designed this browser basically to provide people with maximum security over their data and maintain privacy accordingly. It comes in a simple interface which enables users to browse safely and in super speed.

Many features such as the Anti-Fingerprinting technology, Webcam Guard, Anti-Tracking, etc. helps to secure your fingerprints, clicks, even your webcam to protect you from cyber theft and hacking. With the help of Bank mode option, it prevents hackers to track you down while you’re online banking or online shopping with your credit card. 

Usually, this browser is downloaded within a bundle when Avast Antivirus products are installed in the computer. However, you can also download it separately from other websites too.  

Why People Hate Avast Secure Browser?

Though Avast Secure Browser hands in the user with great range of functionality and security, people still prefer using browsers like Chrome or Firefox. They are mostly confused about the authenticity about the browser’s protection. Some people even think that it functions the exact opposite of providing protection; leading data to be hacked by third parties.

Apparently, people lost their trust because of the automatic installation of the browser. Whenever a person downloads Avast Antivirus, Avast Secure Browser gets installed immediately within the antivirus download without the user’s consent. This aggressive installation process has led to impact people negatively. Well, Avast should’ve thought about its customer’s preference first!

The irritating feature of this browser is that once it gets downloaded, it instantly starts loading at startup and changing browser settings. People who don’t need this browser become the haters of the application then. But then they face another problem, finding the uninstall option.

Avast Secure Browser doesn’t provide an easy uninstallation process. It mostly acts like a default browser that is hard to remove. No worries at all!

For people who loath this browser and searching for how to get rid of Avast Secure Browser, we have provided a step-by-step uninstallation process below. 

How To Get Rid of Avast Secure Browser – Step-by-step Guideline

We’ll be providing several ways and options for you to uninstall Avast Secure Browser from your computer. The three easiest options are provided down below:

  1. Using a Control Panel 
  2. Using a Registry Editor
  3. Via Thira-party Tool

1. Control Panel

One of the easiest ways is to uninstall by navigating the control plan in your Windows PC. 

  1. At first, you have to tap the start menu icon and open Windows Settings by clicking on to that gear-shape icon.
  2. Navigate to the Systems tab in the Settings application. Find Apps and features. Here, you’ll find all the apps and programs you’ve installed in your device.
  3. Keep scrolling until you find “Avast Secure Browser”.
  4. Tap on the name. You’ll find two options popping right in front of you – Modify and Uninstall. 
  5. Hit the Uninstall option and there you have it! Your PC is now free from the web browser. 

2. Registry Editor

This process is a few steps ahead of the previous uninstalling procedure. It may require some advanced technical knowledge but we can assure you, it’s even more effective. You can call it an alternative way to uninstall Avast Secure Browser from a Windows device. 

  1. We will use Windows Registry for this method. Press the Windows + R key together to launch the Run dialog box. Once the dialog box opens, type “Regedit” in the text box and select OK to run the operation.
  2. Now, we’ll search for the browser file in the Registry Editor window. Press Control + F to open a Find search box. It’ll make the searching process quicker. 
  3. Type “Avast” in the search box. Watch out for the relevant entries in the Registry Window. Select all of the matching entries, click the right-click button of your mouse, and without hesitation press “Delete”. 
  4. You’re done deleting! You should now close the Registry Editor window.
  5. If you wish to remove all the temp files too that came along with Avast Secure Browser, press on to C:/ProgramData/Avast Software and remove all of the data immediately. 

Final Words

You can use an uninstaller tool to get rid of Avast Secure Browser too. There is plenty of advanced third-party uninstalling tool out there that makes the uninstalling process faster and hassle-free.

You can remove any unwanted application or program from your Windows or Mac operating system and save your computer.

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