How Long Do Movies Stay in Theatres?

Who doesn’t love watching movies, right? The thrill reaches its peak point when we watch movies in the theatre. You can laugh, cry, sing together with your friends and all the people who’ve joined you in a theatre.

The big screen also spreads the entertainment on a broader version. It’s definitely incomparable from watching movies at home on your TV screen.

Now, suppose, you observed that the films you’ve seen in theatres have been up for like a month all the time. One of the most awaited movies has just arrived. You and your friends are planning for the past week to watch this movie. So, a week passes by, and finally, all of your friends are free now to watch the show.

You go to the theatre but surprisingly couldn’t see the poster anywhere. You ask at the ticket counter, and they say that movie is unavailable now. It was only up for a week. Heartbroken? You saw another movie poster that’s been here since the last month! So, what’s the deal then?

Why does the duration of each movie different from others in a theatre? What happens if they follow the same time frame for all of the films?

Well, we have the answers for you! Go through the article below and get in-depth knowledge of how long do movies stay in theatres. 

How Long Do Movies Stay in Theatres?

Nobody knows the exact length of period of how long a movie can run in theatres. Some people say it’s two weeks on average, while the others refers to a few months. There’s actually no definite answer to that.

However, we can assume for an average rating movie, the duration might be for four weeks. If the movie does well, movie exhibitors can extend the time limit till three months or even more. Basically, the duration depends on a good number of factors. From the movies’ cast to its marketing everything plays a vital role in hyping up the audience.

If the movie is outstanding, people may even come twice or thrice in a week to see the same movie. So, the seating arrangements and public demand is also another prime factor for which movie theatres become obliged to play the movie weeks after weeks. 

Now, let’s see how these factors can impact the time duration of showing a film on theatres. 

1. Movie Performance

When a movie performs well in all aspects, it’s obvious that it’ll capture more audience. Usually, super hit movies, mostly action movies run on the theatre for months. You’ll see Oscar winning films to be on top of the list for several weeks after the award show takes place. It creates a positive vibe among people that they’re going to watch something worth their weekend.

So, high movie ratings and popularity keeps up the shows running on theatres for a longer period of time. On the other hand, those movies which don’t do that well in the box office, gets taken down only a week or two later. 

2. Movie Distribution

Now, the duration of how long do movies stay in theatres also depends on a crucial factor that is known movie distribution. Here, distributors and exhibitors play the prime role. Movie distributors are people who hands in the movies to run in theatres by exhibitors or theatre owners.

They agree to sign a contract in a bidding or percentage method where the exhibitors will give the distributors a predetermined amount or percentage of the total sales. In most of the cases, the exhibitors tend to keep up a movie running in theatre even if it’s not up to mark for reaching that percentage. This is associated with the exhibitor’s financial operations.  

3. Casting

Choosing the right actors may lead to success of some movies. There are numerous movies out there which are only famous for their casting. You’ll find a bunch of movies running through theatres at the same duration and the lead actor or actress is same in all of the movies.

It’s because they have gained so much popularity that people often tend to go watch shows only to see their favorite hero or heroine. It’s not about the story, not about the cinematography, but only the cast! So, by observing some pretty popular celebrities casting in a movie, you can make a guess that this movie’s going to be in theatres for a hell lot of time!

4. Marketing

If a movie isn’t excellent enough to grab attention, surely a fantastic marketing team can make that happen. Now, nobody can promise which movie can create the fuss but there is definitely a way to have a consistent audience.

By continuously drawing people’s attention to the movie, an excellent promotion can make an average film run in theatres for months. This is how the movie “Joker” was able to create a huge audience that became loyal to every “Batman” movie then after. 

Final Verdict 

It’s not easy to predict how long do movies stay in theatres. It can depend on a movie’s success rate, distributor and exhibitor’s agreement, the production house’s marketing strategy and many other factors. From the thorough research that we’ve conducted, we can assume, if a movie doesn’t hit the box office, probably it’ll run at best two weeks in theatres.

However, if the movie is a massive success, then there is a chance it can run on theatres for several months. The marketing of the movie also plays a vital role in engaging audiences towards watching movies in theatres. Hence, the growing audiences keep filling up seats every week that mounts up to several weeks of running that particular film in theatres. 

So, if you’re planning to watch a movie in the theatre, make sure you’ve checked with all of the factors above that can determine the duration of how long it’ll stay.

In conclusion, smart audiences like you can calculate the duration of a movie now.

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